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Our director, Mrs Keiko Iwamura, was an advisor for JETRO when she first visited Vietnam to learn more about embroideries after receiving an embroidery pouch souvenir from a colleague in Vietnam. She was very impressed by the beauty of the Vietnamese hand embroidery products and really wants to introduce such lovely embroideries to Japan, that leading to her important decision to start what we are now working hard to improve every day, Beyond - Zenma.

At the beginning, we simply imported the local high-quality embroidery miscellaneous goods and sold it in Japan. However, it have to say that “Vietnamese design” was almost similar things and do not match the Japanese style well. Moreover, from a desire to sell some of the originality in a more high-quality, we gradually make our original product development. The designs are created by our Japanese designers, while hand embroidery patterns are made by our reliable Vietnamese partners. Our products are the results of hard work of our Japanese staffs and Vietnamese partners, not only in doing the best of each side, but also in cooperation of both sides. We always try to make such cooperation that both of us feel contented with. And currently, 90% of the Zenma products are the original planning.

Zenma products vary from small pouches to tote bags and clothes. However, in spite of the various forms, they all deliver the same message: The love for nature and life. The message reveals in patterns of nature, daily stuffs and hobbies, such as flowers blooming next to gently flowing river, a collection of schoolgirl's stuff, and series of children's clothes hanging...

We always hope that the simple yet lively and lovely embroidery in each of our products can bring about the feelings of warmth, love, compassion and peace to our customers. We always welcome customers to join us in the journey of enriching our emotions and cherishing our daily life with hand embroidery. Because of the hand embroidery, the most exciting is that even in the same product it still has a little difference so-called personality expression in one by one. We hope that our customers can enjoy such personality of handiwork. Please feel free to get "a piece of Zenma world" in an easy way you can find in our website.

Welcome to Beyond- Zenma!

Beyond Co.,ltd

Some popular products

VY pouch(Small pouch)Flower Dance
Flower Dance

Bouquet of mimosa
Bouquet of mimosa

Music-theme seriesSleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty
Large PorchWordrobe
Medium PorchFlower cart and Rabbit
Flower cart and Rabbit
Zippered pouchAnimals
Ballet-pattern seriesBallet-Allegro

Ballet tutu
Ballet tutu

Ballet shoes
Ballet shoes

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